Forward To The Future 2018: Quarterback


Derek Anderson

The 33 year old back up quarterback heads into the 2017 season on his final year of his contract with no indications of it being extended at this time. Since coming to Carolina, Anderson has been one of the NFL’s top back up quarterback options.

Stepping in several times for the former MVP, and bringing home much needed wins in playoff seasons. However in 2018 GM Dave Gettleman may turn his eye to that quarterback room for change for the first time since being hired.

With both Anderson, and Webb getting up there in age. It may be finally time to inject a younger veteran quarterback to back up Cam or one through the later rounds of the Draft.

Gettleman will need to decide if it’s time to finally shake up that quarterback room, and whether or not pursue re-signing the long time back up.

As it stands there are no indications either way but if I had to guess now. I would think the Panthers will head in new direction in 2018 at the back up spot.

Joe Webb

The 30 year old 3rd string swiss army knife quarterback enters the 2017 season on the final year of his contract much like Anderson. Webb has been a valuable asset to the Panthers over the years thanks to his versatility.

Not only as a quarterback but as a special teams ace, and emergency back up wide receiver. While his versatility, and special teams play has kept Webb his job through the years, 2018 will bring a bigger question along.

Is Webb ready to be the back up to Cam? It’s likely this question may be answered in the 2017 pre-season. While Webb isn’t much younger than Anderson, he does provide a lot of the abilities that Newton does.

Gettleman will need to figure out in 2017 if Webb is ready to take over that role for Anderson. If not it may be time to move on from Webb. Which could happen as soon as 2017.

Mattering on how the roster shakes out in 2017 Webb could see a significant decrease in his role on the special teams. With additions in the Kick Return, and Punt Return like McCaffrey, Samuel, and Elder. Plus some possible pushes from some rookie undrafted players.

Don’t be shocked if Webb finds his name on the cuts before the 2017 season. What could save Webb is a good performance as a quarterback in the pre-season. With questions about the back up spot behind Cam going into the 2018 off-season. Gettleman will have some big evaluations for these two spots upcoming.

While I don’t think Webb will be cut this season. I am leaning they will move on from both Anderson, and Webb in 2018 while focusing on getting younger behind Cam or by bringing in a new veteran QB to put behind him and start challenging Cam.



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