My Prediction: What Did I Get Right & Wrong With Roster Cuts | 2015 Carolina Panthers


So now that the 53 man roster cuts are official and teams have somewhat set their rosters. I thought I would compare my prediction from yesterday to today’s cuts and see how I did. Who did I miss on, who did I get right? Who were the surprises? Then go into detail on some of these moves at the bottom.

I know this will not be the final 53 for our Carolina Panthers. I understand the first part of the year and throughout the year the roster stays in flux. Reports from Black & Blue Review and the Charlotte Observer (mainly any local media) suggest the Panthers are watching the waivers for another Wide Receiver. BBR suggests maybe even another back up Center. So even after the weekend this is probably not our final 53 and we probably won’t have our official final 53 until next week.

There is probably a player or two who are getting cut today or they are sitting on another roster that will be on this team come next week. For now I want to focus on comparing my prediction and the actual cuts. Then talk a little about some of the moves that were made today. Here is the comparison

My Original Prediction: Bold or Marked Out = What I got wrong


QB: Cam, Anderson || WEBB
RB: Stew, CAP, Todman, Wegher
FB: Tolbert
WR: Brown, Funchess, Ginn, Cotchery, Norwood, Bersin
TE: Olsen, Dickson, Williams, Lucas || BROCKEL
LT: Oher, Chandler
LG: Norwell, Silatolu
C: Kalil, (Remmers)
RG: Turner, Scott
RT: Remmers, Williams

DT: Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, Colin Cole, Dwan Edwards, Kyle Love
DE: Kony Ealy, Mario Addison, Wes Horton, Rakim Cox, Charles Johnson
LB: Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, AJ Klein, David Mayo || JACOBS
CB: Josh Norman, Bene Benwikere, Charles Tillman, Teddy Williams, TJ Heath
S: Roman Harper, Tre Boston, Kurt Coleman, Colin Jones || MARLOWE

Special Teams:
KR: Ginn, Todman
PR: Ginn
K – Graham Gano
P – Brad Nortman
LS – JJ Jansen

What the actual roster ended up looking like:

Offense (26):

QB: Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Joe Webb
RB: Jonathan Stewart, Cameron Artis-Payne, Fozzy Whittaker, Brandon Wegher
FB: Mike Tolbert
WR: Ted Ginn, Jerricho Cotchery, Corey Brown, Devin Funchess, Kevin Norwood
TE: Greg Olsen, Ed Dickson, Brandon Williams, Richie Brockel
LT: Oher, Chandler
LG: Norwell, Silatolu
C: Kalil, (Remmers)
RG: Turner, Scott
RT: Remmers, Williams

Defense (24):
DT: Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, Colin Cole, Dwan Edwards, Kyle Love
DE: Kony Ealy, Mario Addison, Wes Horton, Charles Johnson
LB: Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, AJ Klein, David Mayo, Ben Jacobs
CB: Josh Norman, Bene Benwikere, Charles Tillman, Teddy Williams
S: Roman Harper, Tre Boston, Kurt Coleman, Colin Jones, Dean Marlowe

Special Teams (3):
KR: Ted Ginn Jr, Fozzy Whittaker
PR: Ted Ginn Jr.
K – Graham Gano
P – Brad Nortman
LS – JJ Jansen

So I missed on 9 guys that either made it that I didn’t expect to or I guessed wrong, there were some surprises but nothing earth shattering surprising today. Cutting WR Brenton Bersin was surprising to start with. Due to the state of our Wide Receivers I thought we would keep Bersin on. Bersin has had a good relationship with Cam and has good blocking abilities as a Wide Receiver. I thought maybe that chemistry with our franchise QB would save him on the 53. I guess not.

I figure Bersin will land on his feet elsewhere either through waivers or after. He can play in this league but he is a 4th or 5th wide receiver on a roster. Just because the Panthers decided to cut down to 5 on the initial cuts for the 53 does not mean they are set at Wide Receiver. That group will probably be in flux all year thanks to the KB & Hill injuries. Bersin’s cut may have been inevitable from the start. Just because you make the initial final 53 doesn’t mean your guaranteed to stay there come next Monday after cuts. Norwood was a nice developmental pick up but I suspect there will be one more on the roster by next week to bring us to 6.

DSC03441If that happens I figure Jacobs or Marlowe may be the odd man out to fit another Wide Receiver onto the roster even though they made it past the initial cuts. Reports from local media such as Black & Blue Review, Carolina Huddle, & the Charlotte Observer suggest the Panthers are watching the waiver wire close this week for another Wide Receiver.

The next surprise of the day was cutting RB Jordan Todman. Now Todman impressed in both Training Camp and the Pre-Season games. This was the cut I didn’t understand or like. A lot of people will say Todman was in a battle with Wegher for the final roster spot. I say otherwise. Todman was battling Fozzy for that final roster spot and in my humble opinion out performed Fozzy in both Special Teams & as a running back.

Like I said in my previous prediction yesterday. Todman and Fozzy are essentially the same type of running back. They offer the same skill set and abilities. Both offer kick return abilities and both are that 3rd down scat back. To me Todman had another gear that Fozzy does not have. It was evident in the Pre-Season games and in practice. To top it off Fozzy had Practice Squad eligibility left.

We could have possibly kept everyone had we cut Fozzy and tried to place him on the Practice Squad and kept Todman. I do not know if Todman has any eligibility for the Practice Squad. I inquired about this with Jeremy Igo from the Carolina Huddle but he didn’t know either. So fingers crossed he does and he passes through waivers to stash away for a while. If history at running back especially after what happened in the 3rd & 4th games of the year last year tell us anything it is be prepared because injuries tend to always come at that position.

I don’t wanna drag this out too much more than I have but I want to touch on a couple more guys I thought would be on the roster and didn’t make it. DE Rakim Cox I thought had a good shot of making it had they kept more at Defensive End. I was surprised they cut him. I thought he performed well in the Pre-Season games he was in. So well he earned some reps with the 1st unit during Training Camp.

DSC01115Center Brian Folkerts cut was not a surprise for many. I think a lot of us had him pegged to get cut. Once Mike Remmers & Chris Scott shown they were capable to perform Center duties if Kalil went down I think it made Folkerts very expendable. When you have two offensive lineman that bring that kind of versatility it makes it a easier decision plus he struggled some in the Pre-Season before the ankle injury especially when Kalil was out. Bill Voth at Black & Blue Review suggests the Panthers may shop for a back up Center on cuts.

I don’t believe they will when they have Mike Remmers and Chris Scott to fill that void. Unless injuries happen I think our offensive line is set as is.

Lastly LB Adarius Glanton was cut today as well. Just like in my post yesterday I thought Glanton’s spot was subject to a flip of a coin. He was the bubble guy, I will say I was surprised to see Ben Jacobs on the roster. I did not think he would make it past cuts. His Special Teams abilities must be more valuable then I originally thought they would be.

Saying that the worst case scenario for Glanton is that he ends up on the Practice Squad for a little while. I suspect we will see him on the roster again at some point this year if he clears waivers to make it to the practice squad and is not taken from our practice squad. Like I said even though Jacobs & Marlowe made it through the initial cuts I think both are still very much in danger of being cut once the Panthers make a move for another Wide Receiver.

Outside of those three positions and cuts. I did not see anything else of note to mention. Most of the cuts happened like a lot thought they would. I have to commend both Ron Rivera & Dave Gettleman for keeping UDFA RB Brandon Wegher. I think this was the best decision not only for now but for our future at that position after Jonathan Stewart is gone.

He can now develop on the roster and when we eventually move on to a future without Jonathan Stewart which could be as early as next year. I think we will have less to worry about at the Running Back position. Our future at Running Back looks bright with CAP & Wegher there.


Before I end this post, in case you didn’t know. RB Brandon Wegher has been being filmed all Training Camp for NFL Network’s new yearly show called Undrafted. If you don’t have NFL Network I suggest you get it. Undrafted will start airing September 22nd and how much sweeter it will be to watch Wegher’s journey from being undrafted to making the roster of our Carolina Panthers! Here is the trailer for the episode:

Congratulations to Brandon Wegher on making this roster, I believed he could and I believe he has a lot of potential and could be the diamond in the rough out of this years class that could possibly headline our Running Back group in near future. That’s it for me today, if you disagree or agree with anything in this post leave it in the comments below I would love to hear any feedback. I hope everyone has a wonderful day wherever you may be, stay safe, and Keep Pounding!


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