Final 53 Man Roster Prediction | 2015 Carolina Panthers

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog lately but now that the final pre-season game has come and gone I thought I would drop in to leave my 53 man roster prediction before final cut downs.



QB: Cam, Anderson
RB: Stew, CAP, Todman, Wegher
FB: Tolbert
WR: Brown, Funchess, Ginn, Cotchery, Norwood, Bersin
TE: Olsen, Dickson, Williams, Lucas
LT: Oher, Chandler
LG: Norwell, Silatolu
C: Kalil, (Remmers)
RG: Turner, Scott
RT: Remmers, Williams

Fozzy is practice squad eligible still and would pass through waivers. Why risk losing Wegher? When you could possibly keep both. TE Brockel to IR.  Webb becomes expendable to keep a extra LB, RB, DE, WR, & DT on the roster because of the depth and the recent extension of Derek Anderson. C Brian Folkerts becomes expendable because of Mike Remmers & Chris Scott’s versatility.They could use a possible IR designation for Folkerts as well.

DT: Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, Colin Cole, Dwan Edwards, Kyle Love
DE: Kony Ealy, Mario Addison, Wes Horton, Rakim Cox, Charles Johnson
LB: Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, AJ Klein, David Mayo
CB: Josh Norman, Bene Benwikere, Charles Tillman, Teddy Williams, TJ Heath
S: Roman Harper, Tre Boston, Kurt Coleman, Colin Jones

Special Teams:
KR: Ginn, Todman
PR: Ginn
K – Graham Gano
P – Brad Nortman
LS – JJ Jansen

Practice Squad: CB Carrington Byndom, WR Damiere Byrd, RB Fozzy Whittaker, LB Adarius Glanton,TE Scott Simonson, S Dean Marlowe, OT Martin Wallace, DT Terry Redden

I do not know if Scott Simonson is practice squad eligible but he impressed me enough that had Lucas not had the game he did against Pittsburgh I would have projected him onto the roster. I would not be surprised to see him and Lucas flipped come time for the official announcement. David Foucault could be expendable as well. He was a project coming out of Canada to begin with but seen less snaps as pre-season went on. Adarius Glanton has practice squad eligibility left but I could see Mayo on the PS as well even though I find it unlikely for Gettleman to use a 5th round pick and then cut him to put on the practice squad. I could also see Heath cut in place of Glanton.

Anyways these are my predictions I will probably be wrong on a lot. I hope I am not wrong on the Wegher & Fozzy situation but I get the feeling I might be. Based off the limited number of snaps and them pulling Fozzy early last night may already tip the hat to what they plan on doing with Fozzy. In my mind Fozzy and Todman are the same type of 3rd down back and one should be expendable.

If them holding Fozzy out after a limited number of snaps against Pittsburgh last night gives us any indication to his status on this roster it could spell bad news for Wegher. They will attempt to try and sneak Wegher onto the practice squad if this is true but I fear he will not make it past waivers. To me Wegher gives more value because of how young he is, his potential to what he could develop into, and Stewarts situation at running back past this season.

Where Fozzy is a 3rd down back not many teams are going to look to pick up. I would rather risk Fozzy on waivers instead of risking what could be our future at running back with Wegher. With Fozzy being practice squad eligible still, that adds credence to the reason Wegher should be kept over him. I fear this staff’s infatuation with Fozzy will cause us to miss out on what I feel like is big potential with Wegher.

Credit: Ivan Da Awesome on Twitter @Ivan_Da_Awesome

Anyways let me know your thoughts and opinions below. Tell me what you agree with or disagree with in the comments below. Keep Pounding everyone!


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